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Restoring the Past for the Future

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Clock Overhaul

Grandfather clocks are like cars; they need care and preventative maintenance. Call us to schedule an oil change or a service check to keep your pendulum swinging.

Change the oil on your grandfather clock

Save your clock with service

Grandfather clocks should be oiled every 3 to 5 years. With regular service, they can last for generations. Get expert maintenance today!

Overhaul your clock today

Grandfather clocks usually require an overhaul around 20 years of age. We specialize in this and will give your clock the care it needs.

With your purchase of a new grandfather clock, you'll get a 3-year warranty!

With 80+ years of experience, our clock craftsmen fix grandfather clocks and carry top brands like Howard Miller and Seiko. Our business was established in 1970 in Lodi.


We are a member of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and National Association Watch & Clock Collectors.

Family owned and operated

Grandfather clocks are our treasured timepieces. They've been built the same way for 400 years. We will give your grandfather clock the care it deserves for continued long life.

Servicing your grandfather clock is a top priority for us. It's also a process. We use the finest oils and lubrication to get your gears going again. We make house calls for grandfather clocks, servicing central and northern California.

Get your grandfather clock fine-tuned with the finest oils

Call: 209-369-7961

Fix your grandfather clock


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